Contracted Registered Veterinary Technician

For veterinarians and pet hospitals, we offer relief support staff skilled in anesthesia, surgery, laboratory, venipuncture, IV catheter placement, radiology, dentistry (minor and major extractions), handling and restraint, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, sanitation and surgical preparation, instruments and equipment, vaccines and injections, veterinary laws/ethics, health and safety, biohazardous waste disposal, medical math, parasitology, office procedures, pharmacology, nutrition, emergency and critical care, client education, paperless charting and medical record keeping.

As contracted relief veterinary technicians, we are available both weekdays and weekends for short-term to potentially long-term coverage at your veterinary hospital. Our relief support staff are highly skilled, reliable and trustworthy technicians who will bring a positive attitude to your hospital. Our support staff ranges from state registered veterinary technicians to certified or well-trained technicians who are continuing their education within the field.

What is a Veterinary Technician?

A Veterinary Technician functions primarily as a professional assistant to veterinarians, biomedical researchers, and other scientists, and is an integral part of the veterinary health care team. Individuals must possess a unique combination of knowledge and abilities covering basic science, animal care, and people skills. As the complexity of veterinary medicine increases along with the public's demand for state-of the-art care for their animals, the veterinary technician plays an increasingly critical role in the delivery of excellent health care. The greatest demand for veterinary technicians is in private veterinary practices, where technicians work alongside the veterinarian in caring for companion animals. However, the demand for veterinary technicians in other fields is rapidly growing and opportunities exist in many areas including teaching, pharmaceutical sales, military, humane societies, livestock production, equine practice, biomedical research, diagnostic laboratories, zoo/wildlife medicine, veterinary supply sales, public health organizations, and the pet food industry. The responsibilities assigned to Veterinary Technicians vary and are regulated by a State Board of Veterinary Medicine or other appropriate agencies.

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