Client Testimonials

"I am writing to commend Josh Millerd for the skill and expertise he used to deal with the extensive dental condition of my twelve year old Wheaten Terrier, Teddy. Josh exhibited a high level of diagnostic skill, ability to educate and deal effectively with the problem. His interpersonal skills are excellent.
I believed that I could escape the high cost of dental cleaning in a veterinarian's office and avoid subjecting my older dog to a general anesthetic by having two cleanings performed by a technician through my dog groomer. I supplemented this by giving Teddy dental "chew sticks" on a regular basis. These efforts were apparently not sufficient to ensure good dental health.
My veterinarian advised me that a thorough cleaning was necessary for Teddy's general health. I followed his advise and scheduled the appointment. At the pre-op exam, I was shocked to be told that Teddy needed the extraction of six teeth and that he had serious gingivitis.
Josh educated me about both the cause and the solution with clarity and instilled in me his confidence that the outcome would be positive. He handled the whole matter with a high degree of professionalism and sensitivity. He returned Teddy to me in a higher level of health and eventual vitality."   Linda Gingery, RN, (Ret) (letter)

"Josh came very highly recommended to us and upon his first visit to our home, we understood why. He spent about an hour with us asking questions and learning about our pets, their routine, how things in our house work, who to contact in an emergency and countless other items. We left feeling very secure knowing Josh was well equipped to take care of our pets and handle most any possible situation which could occur in our absence. Upon return, our pets were happy, as were we with Josh's services. We would recommend him to anyone in need of pet sitting services."   Thanks, Carlos and Mason

"We have been using Pet n' Vet Support Services for a few years, and we are always very happy with the care that our cat, Leo, receives. We never worry about Leo when we are on vacation because we know that he is in good hands. We have been particularly impressed by the extra efforts that Pet 'n Vet takes to play with Leo and make sure he's not too lonely. They don't just come and feed him; they spend time with him, which makes him a lot more mellow when we return. Pet n' Vet is so good that Leo actually looks around for Josh after we return! We also appreciate that Josh and other Pet n' Vet staff will make sure that we've returned before they stop coming. We know that if our flights are delayed, Leo will be cared for until we return. It is also especially reassuring to know that Josh, who also works at a veterinary hospital, will recognize any health problems and take care of them. All in all, we are grateful that we found Pet n' Vet. It makes us--and Leo--much happier when we go on vacation!"   Kate and Mike Mangan


"Neo was having problems, and a visit from Josh solved everything. Thanks buddy!" Ian and Sarah Edwards

"Josh was highly recommended to me by a couple veterinary hospitals when I needed care for my ailing cat. I have had veterinary technicians' help before, but I was by far most comfortable with Josh, not only because of his skill level, but also because of his compassion for animals. The care Josh provided for our cat put us at ease at such a tough time and provided relief for my cat battling kidney disease and an upper respiratory infection. Josh provided medication and subQ fluids for our cat as well as fed and cleaned his face all the while handling him so gently. Because of his knowledge and skill, as well as his diligent and comforting nature, I completely trust Josh with my pets which are my family. I am grateful to have gotten to know Josh as he is the person to contact to obtain the best care for your pet. We really appreciate the great care you gave Tango."   Ayse

"I know that when I travel and need to leave my precious Tigger that he is in the best of care. Upon my return, there's my kitty, healthy and happy to see me, thanks to the tender care and attention of Josh. His insulin had been left out on the counter and Josh took care of getting a fresh, safe prescription handled-ensuring Tigger's shots. Hiring Pet 'n Vet lessens my stress!"   Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author

"Giving my 17 year old cat medication was a traumatic experience (for both me and the cat) until I was lucky enough to find Pet n' Vet. Josh was fantastic. He had a key to my house and took care of the cat's medication, so I didn't need to worry about it. I highly recommend Pet n' Vet and wouldn't hesitate to use their services again."   Kathy Clenney

"How we met Josh. We asked our veterinarian if they could recommend a pet sitter who spends the night at our home. They told us about Josh and after hearing his "credentials" we knew we had to at least give it a shot. See, we have five animals-2 dogs, 2 cats and a turtle. One dog is almost blind and deaf, the other "new" addition was a Chihuahua Rat Terrier rescue. Bitzy (rescue) was beyond a challenge for us. After only a few doggy obedience lessons, we crossed our fingers and said a prayer or two that the meeting with Josh would go smoothly. OMG! Josh had the magic touch. After some ruckus from Bitzy, Josh sat down on the floor and within about 10 minutes he had Bitzy calm and taking treats (nicely) right out of his hand. Lightning of course is no challenge except for her 3 A.M. potty needs that means getting up, dressed and take her out to potty. And, again the cats were not a challenge either except Javie tends to urinate out of the box, so extra care needs to be taken in cleaning up after them. Josh handled them with ease. Now, the second most important thing (next to knowing your pets are in secure and very competent hands with Josh) is his thorough initial intake. I can't imagine anything that he left out during this intake. He keeps detailed logs and notes on his laptop. He has an evacuation plan, as well as a detailed plan for those times when you just can't make it home to take care of the animals. Josh is just a phone call away. He is bonded and a licensed vet tech as well. SO, if your animal/s need special care (possible post op or pilling), Josh is your man. I cannot think of anyone more competent to take care of our fur babies. He is caring, compassionate and truly has become a part of our family. He has taken care of our babies on numerous occasions. And we look forward to all the future times we will use his services. He is worth every penny. What is it worth to you to have peace of mind that your fur babies are in the care of someone as equally as caring as you are? Josh is your man! Thank you Josh! And thank you for caring. To date, Bitzy is still a challenge and Lightning is getting to be her "old" age, so the type of care shifts, and we know Josh will be there to handle any challenge he is faced with AND succeed!"   Linda Mendoza


"Peace of mind is really what we got thanks to Josh's caring services!" Lorie Lynn, Yoga Studio owner

"I was first introduced to Josh by Dr. Tamara Hebbler, a local holistic veterinarian. Our senior shepherd mix Doodle was terrified at the vet's office making even the most simple procedures a terribly stressful event. In fact, it became impossible for us to take her to the vet's office because she would have explosive diarrhea in the car. After some very specific testing it was discovered that Doodle had heavy metal toxicity and it was recommended that she be treated intravenously with a remedy. Josh came to our house to administer the treatment. His gentle and confident touch immediately soothed our sweet girl and the treatment was accomplished with peace and ease. On another occasion Josh helped show me and a friend how to administer subcutaneous fluids to a very sick and frail cat. His care and concern for the owner and her companion gave comfort to us all and took the fear doing it ourselves. Most recently Josh again did a home visit for another of our shepherds. Princess is also extremely stressed at the vet's office. I had taken her in for panting and restlessness and a possible diagnosis of hypertension was made. The blood pressure reading taken there was very high, but there was no way to know how much of it was stress related. I called Josh to do an in-home blood pressure reading. Again, his gentle nature put our dog at ease and he was able to get several readings which confirmed that she did NOT have hypertension. Without his service I do not believe we could have made an accurate diagnosis. Josh is highly professional, very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. His services have been a blessing in our life and have made a positive impact on our ability to provide the best care for our beloved pets. I highly recommend him. He's the best!"   Christine Mandrake

"When Kai was first diagnosed with kidney disease, subcutaneous fluids were suggested for her. At that time Josh began her treatment twice a week. She was not a happy camper, but eventually became used to it. She is on it three times a week now with Sheryl coming the third day. Kai has blood work to monitor her progress as well as liquid medication daily which I give her. Kai has made very good progress, but will never be completely cured. At seventeen, she has had a good, long life. Her treatment has kept her going and she doesn't seem to be in pain. Her treatment consists of subcutaneous fluids which she has learned to tolerate. Josh's compassion for animals is evident in everything he does for them. Even Kai has learned to accept him and appreciate his tender loving care. Josh is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with animals and I couldn't recommended him more highly."   Betty Kuehl, Scripps Ranch

"Josh gets the highest rating from us for pet sitting. We would not hesitate to recommend Josh as a pet sitter. He is outstanding with credentials that are much greater than any other pet sitter in our area plus he is very caring and loving. We have known Josh for over 3 years. We first met Josh at our Vet's when we got a new puppy, Lambchop. Right from the start, my husband and I felt so comfortable with Josh and how he treated our new little puppy. He was very gentle, caring and loving with Lambchop. We could tell he knew what he was doing. We asked him a lot of questions and he was patient and so nice in answering all of our concerns. Since then, we have learned that Josh is expertly trained as a Vet Technician, which makes him so valuable as a pet sitter. Our cockers are like our kids and mean the world to us, so we are very careful about who we hire as a pet sitter. Josh passed our tough test with flying colors, and is now our pet sitter. We recently went away for a couple of weeks and hired Josh to pet sit for our 4 Cocker Spaniels. Josh did an excellent job and our dogs loved him. We felt very comfortable knowing that they were getting expert care from someone who really cared about our canine family and who was medically trained to take care of an emergency if needed. It is because of Josh's veterinary training and commitment to doing a thorough and expert job, that we felt so relieved and comfortable to leave our cockers for 2 weeks. Josh, thanks for taking such good care of our canine family!"   Bob and Marsha Linehan, owner of 4 Cocker Spaniels

"Josh has cared for my family's pets on a number of occasions. My husband and I were VERY impressed by his attention to detail when obtaining information on our home and our pets. At the first visit to our home, he asked to be shown fire extinguishers, breaker box, water main and alarm systems. It was very comforting to know that not only were our pets cared for but also our home. He also requested our regular veterinarian information and preferences in emergency hospitals along with financial limitations. This security allowed us to have a more relaxing vacation. When we returned, he gave us details about our pets activity that really showed he cared for each of them. I would recommend him to my family, friends or anyone who considers their pets members of the family.   Rachel and Kris K.


"I couldn't belive the dog needed insulin shots. There was no way I could handle this myself. I'm forever in your debt Josh." Bob Elmasian

"Our Dear "Uncle Josh", you became our family. I simply have no idea how to thank someone who has shown me such limitless kindness and one of the most thoughtful and caring persons to enter and be a part of my life. In all sense of the words, we would not have made it without you. Your expertise kept the most beloved soul in my life with me, enabling us to be together as long as we could, and that is a gift for which a mere "thank you" will never come close to expressing my gratitude. The three of us put up a good fight, none of us wanting to give up. Ollie had such a strong spirit which was still there at the end, but his little body was tired, and alas he was tired of all that he had to endure those seven months for us to be together. Josh, if it were not for your love and strength, I really don't know how I would have made it through that darkest day of my life. All the details you took care of for me, arrangements to make the process as easy as possible. Words fail in expressing the depth of my gratitude to you. You were my rock, and a dear friend. Throughout this journey with Ollie over this last seven months, there have been many miracles performed through that little guy, one of which is the wonderful true friend in you which otherwise our paths would never have crossed. I learned many lessons, most of which came through a devastating illness. Ollie liked you very much Uncle Josh. He didn't like the stuff you had to do but he has always been afraid of men (I believe he was hurt as a kitten by a man) but never ran from you, which he did do if he didn't like someone. You will always hold a dear place in my heart, anyone who has truly cared for the love of my life has a place in my heart forever. We've shared a lot my friend. You were there for Ollie and I at the beginning of our journey, and there for us at the end. There nothing more that I could have asked for; you are a blessing."   With love, Taunya and Oliver

"I moved to the Normal Heights area in 2005 when my cat Charley was only 4 months old. I travel often for work and with family on the East Coast I am forced to leave her alone for extended periods quite often. When I had to take my first trip I called my new veterinarian's office and asked if they knew of anyone that was trustworthy to pet sit. They told me I should talk to Josh, a vet tech at the office. Well, it just so happens that I remembered Josh because he was the only one who had put soft-paws on my cat successfully, and I liked the way he talked to Charley when he brought her out to me. I have been using Josh (Pet n' Vet) to care for Charley for almost 4 years now, including one trip where I was gone for almost 3 weeks. I always know Charley will be well taken care of. For example, during one of my trips I received a message from someone in Josh's office explaining that he had to go into the hospital unexpectedly, but that I shouldn't worry - he had a very trustworthy assistant filling in for him. Even in pain and at the emergency room Josh was thinking about all the little critters out there who were depending on him! He is worth every penny."   Alison S., Litigation Paralegal

"I have a dog with severe skin allergies. My husband and I were to go away for 3 days but, unfortunately, our dog was having a particularly bad allergy bout. I really didn't know what to do. Our vet said that sending Rookie the the kennel would probably make his allergies worse. We hired Josh to take care of our dog in our house. He walked him, gave him all his medications, and made sure that our dog was well cared for. He stayed at our house at night to keep an eye on our dog. No only was Rookie great when we returned, but our house was spotless. Josh really saved our vacation. I will definitely use Josh's service again."   Liz, Satisfied Client